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19 October 2009 @ 18:41
Things to be done over the holiday:

- Cycling
- Karaoke
- Laksa Steamboat
- Jogging
- Draw/Watercolour
- Finish reading the entire Harry Potter series
- Practice Guitar

Movies to watch:

- Coraline 3D
- Scandal Makers
- G.I Joe I have decided to not watch it in cinemas lol
- The Proposal
- The Ugly Truth
- Time Traveller's Wife

Dramas to watch:

- Boss
- Konkatsu
- Majo Saiban
- Orthos no Inu
- Ninkyo Helper
- Otomen
- Buzzer Beat
♫ i'm the cool cat, meow: I'm so happy~redecember on 23rd August 2009 13:03 (UTC)
I haven't watched the others so I can't say anything about them, heh
mcmellymcmelly on 23rd August 2009 14:21 (UTC)
i saw the trailer!!
it's quite funny lol
i cant wait to watch it >
Cinyiiikikinu4eva on 23rd August 2009 16:27 (UTC)
GI JOE. <3
*________* IT WAS AWESOME.
teeheehee~ <3
mcmellymcmelly on 23rd August 2009 19:19 (UTC)
haha alright!
i cant wait to watch it then :)
thefunnybone: cheesethefunnybone on 23rd August 2009 19:17 (UTC)
you should have come watch gi joe with us, tomorrow! we watching as a school lehzxz. i think got tickets. call me or something k!
mcmellymcmelly on 23rd August 2009 19:20 (UTC)
lol it's okk
wo yue le weehua and joanne le
KKVLkkvl on 25th August 2009 02:34 (UTC)
THE PROPOSAL! i sooo wanna watch that too! but my girlfriends are like all busy..some started uni..some preparing to go...no one's free to teman... sigh.. = .= ..
mcmellymcmelly on 26th August 2009 02:45 (UTC)
yahhh it seems pretty hilarious!
i love romantic comedies cause of the jokes they come up with ! xD

oh dear, i would watch with you if we could meet up! >
KKVLkkvl on 29th August 2009 17:03 (UTC)
haha yea i would SOoo love to meet up and watch! ..haha..maybe one day...one day.......when i decided to return to msia for hols..i'll choose a connecting flight that stops by singapore and we can meet up then...XD
mcmellymcmelly on 30th August 2009 04:59 (UTC)
i didnt realize i was logged out when i replied lol ._.

but i'll be waiting for that one day then! :D
hopefully we can attend an ft event too >
KKVLkkvl on 30th August 2009 15:29 (UTC)
lol.. yea! hopefully we that day wouldn't take to long to come..lolz it'll be such a dun day! XD

haha yesh! an FT event too!!
mcmellymcmelly on 30th August 2009 16:25 (UTC)
yahh! i hope so too *prays*

KKVLkkvl on 3rd September 2009 18:13 (UTC)
i was looking up flights to belfast..was thining of taking BA..but gotta go changi to depart..then can directly fly to belfast no need transit at london...if i do fly BA .. was thinking of going to sg a day or so earlier...then we can meet up! the proposal still showing in cinemas?lol.. but then mum came home and said we're most prob flying MAS instead =.= ..
mcmellymcmelly on 4th September 2009 07:08 (UTC)
ahhh okies
yah it's still showing :)
i haven't had the time recently to go out ):
even on my off days because im so tired a lot of the times T_T
if you're really coming, i wont mind taking a day off!
when's your flight?
KKVLkkvl on 4th September 2009 07:46 (UTC)
last i heard's on sunday..but flying with MAS so no need go singapore..but iono..my mum's known to change last min..so as of now i fly sunday XD ...

lmao now there's talk that maybe F.T might go sg in jan instead..if they come before jan6th..i might make an excuse and come back for winter break..purposely travel BA..then we'll go out ! and F.T event!! XD
mcmellymcmelly on 4th September 2009 15:00 (UTC)
this sunday?

yahh january is a possibility i just hope it's not a completely bad timing in january T_T argh *prays*
ahh that'll be good lol ! xD
sighhhh but somehow i dont want time to pass so quickly as it already is T_T